You can see the kidneys here

You can see the kidneys here …

… a gynecologist kindly explained when he performed an ultrasound. I was sitting there and staring at the screen, and I was trying to figure out which part is a baby and which is not. The only thing I saw clearly was a heart, because it was beating, but the rest could be a picture of a foreign planet. But that’s not all …

The gynecologist also kindly explained that the baby just peed, which was clearly visible as the bladder had slightly emptied. After this I thought that a gynecologist was kidding me. That same gynecologist was late to the appointment and at the beginning he didn’t even put his gown on. So I thought that maybe he’s a janitor or someone else who’s trying to torture a young future dad, who has no idea what is he staring at.

After an ultrasound scan, there was no one who would come from the room next door and scream: »Smile, you’re on Candid Camera!«. So I guess it’s all true what gynecologist said.

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