With what did Daddy play with

With what did Daddy play with?

I can bet that 50% of readers thought of something perverse. But this time I’m talking about playing with toys.

We all like to think about the memories of our carefree childhood days when only playing with toys, eating sweets and having fun mattered to us.

If I look back at my memories then I can point out one passion which has survived to this day. Cars. Well, I owned those little toy cars. They were of all shapes and sizes and the most important thing for me back then was that I had as many as possible. When I was around five years old I started showing signs of hoarding. Today I prefer to hoard money but it’s not working the best for me.

I was also excited about tape recorders and audio cassette tapes. I was actually more interested in what was in them and how to dismantle them, but it was harder to repair them.

As a boy, I also liked to play with girls. Of course in a different way than today. I preferred to play sports games with them mostly because I was able to overcome them. It lasted for a while but my weak body couldn’t handle too much sports games.

It didn’t go without the legendary Lego bricks. That’s basically the only toy I can no longer use. Instead of toy cars, real cars came and I’m still able to dismantle or ruin some technical things. I’m still playing with the girls. I must point out that I’m talking about my wife here.
But I’m wondering how many children’s games I’ll revive with the arrival of my child.

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