Who or what the future dad talks about

Who or what the future dad talks about?

Yes, the times are changing. A year ago, Nina and me roamed across New Zealand and Cambodia, and today, in the middle of Kranj, we are “preparing for” our baby.

All this is clear to you if you’re reading my blog. I also noticed a major change in another area.

It’s known that men in a society talk differently and more primitively when there are no women around. But that’s also changing. Quite often it happens that the conversation turns into a debate about parenthood. A lot of my friends already have children. When they read my blog they are able to see that I’m more confused than usual. They’re happy to give me some advice or share a fun adventure from their period of fatherhood.

At moments like this, I realize that conversations aren’t about soccer matches, food, women and parties. The main topics are about peeing, pooping, dirty clothes and sleepless nights. Well, if I consider it well I think it’s all connected, only the actors changed.

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