When you take the pregnant woman to a chocolate fair

When you take the pregnant woman to a chocolate fair

Pregnancy and unlimited access to chocolate. Sounds pretty dangerous, right? Nevertheless, I also counted on certain advantages. A pregnant belly could pave us the way through the crowd while we’re standing in line.

It was a nice Sunday morning, ideal for carrying out terror over the bellies. Together with my sister and her boyfriend, we went to nearby city to the popular Chocolate Festival. I probably don’t need to emphasize that Nina was the first to wait at the door.

We felt the chocolate in the air even before we approached the entrance. The battle was about to begin soon. I also quickly noticed that the pregnant belly wouldn’t be of any help, as everyone was watching only chocolate.

Nevertheless, Nina took the initiative so we were able to break through the crowd and visit some of the stands. In the first hour, I managed to follow her and we were tasting different chocolates. Then it got stuck. Nina acted very sovereignty as if we had just arrived. It was a completely different situation for me. Sugar was constantly dragging me to the ground, my stomach grumbled, and there was too much chocolate.

We went through the entire festival and I was happy when we started to move towards the vehicle to leave. Of course, we tasted a bit of chocolate on the way just to be sure it’s really that good.

My whole experience was very sweet. I’m wondering how the next year will be with our son.

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