What should a pregnant woman eat

What should a pregnant woman eat?

In a local newspaper, I found an article about the nutrition of pregnant women and nursing mothers. The findings provided by the article are quite interesting.

What a woman will eat during pregnancy will also be in the composition of breast milk. The body of the mother will begin to accumulate minerals, vitamins and fats, which the baby will later get through milk. If a woman is eating high-quality food during pregnancy then the risk for the baby to develop high cholesterol, diabetes, cardiovascular disease or obesity is significantly reduced.

So it is best for pregnant women to avoid too many unhealthy foods, which include sweets, white bread, fried and oily foods, and sugary drinks.
Nutritional supplements are also important, especially vitamin D. It is involved in many processes in the body and is also very important for bones and teeth. Vitamin D is found in fish, fish oil and the sun. The winning combination is to take your pregnant woman to a great seafood lunch. Along with a salad bowl which contains a lot of folic acids, which are also important.

But sea lunch alone will not be enough. It is also advisable to consume enough red meat, whole grains and vitamin C, which is most easily found in the juice of freshly squeezed oranges.

It is also useful to note that what a mother ingests, then the baby also tastes through milk. So it is good that Nina eats as many vegetables and fruits as possible so that the boy knows what is good and healthy.

So it’s good that I’m not the one to breastfeed the baby because I mostly eat only different types of meat and spicy stuff.

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