Baby stroller

We have it – a perfect baby stroller!

It was a beautiful, proper day for buying a baby stroller. Nina and I had a favourite one for a long time, so there were no doubts about which one to buy.

In the chosen store, we immediately went to the stroller section. Because there were no sellers around I made a short A test. I took a few laps around the store and several times I deliberately run into other objects to check the side and front reinforcements on the trolley. Several times I fold and unfold the stroller without being gentle to check the hardness and durability of individual elements. Because I am pretty clumsy it’s very important to check the stability of the stroller.

I also considered to seat in a baby stroller, but Nina stopped me. The trolley still passed A test. Regardless I also played with other strollers, especially with more expensive ones, but the saving soul in me eliminate more expensive choices so we picked our favourite stroller.

But all fun ended at picking the right colour. They only had a purple one, which we did not want for a baby boy. We decided to go on a smaller trip to another city where they had »our« stroller in more boy like colour.

I can’t wait to race around with this stroller. Of course when the baby will be in it.

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