Useful Tips for Future Dads

Useful Tips for Future Dads

On this site I will publish useful tips and tricks for future and current dads.

  • Tip #1: The most important advice of all: be patient with your pregnant wife! If she ever upsets you, think about how would you feel if you had three or even more heads instead of two?
  • Tip #2: My friend, who is an experienced dad, gave me a very useful advice: sleep as much as you can while you’re still able to do it. I think that there’s no explanation needed.
  • Tip #3: Do more push-ups or some similar exercises to strengthen your arms, because carrying a child will get heavier day by day.
  • Tip #4: The child should get his room as soon as possible so that parents can work on making another brother or sister.
  • Tip #5: Try to organize as many papers as possible for paternity leave before birth. Sometimes it gets complicated. I’ll dive into more detail in my post about 10+ Cretinisms of Slovenian Bureaucracy (which will come later).
  • Tip #6: When you’re changing the diaper it’s good to have extra towels at hand, for just in case if in the meantime comes to peeing and pooping.

The status of the future father also means that you must be ready to be able to perform new tasks after childbirth. So here are additional tips.
I will try and complete at least half of them, so I may get another child for the prize!

  • Tip #7: Stay healthy during pregnancy. I can sometimes live with bad habits, because I don’t carry a child in my body and only my body will feel all the harm, but living healthy is still not superfluous. It’s therefore important that I stay in the movement, so I’m walking and bicycling as much as possible. Occasionally I lift up a three-kilogram cat, that is good for my hands.
    The fingers are in good shape anyway because I regularly type. I just have to work on my finger skills.
  • Tip #8: Eat vitamins. Let’s say at least an apple or a carrot per day. It sounds simple, but it’s not because the apple or carrot needs to be washed and the chocolate, on the other hand, you just open and eat.
  • Tip #9: Kegel exercises for man. The recipe is quite simple. Squeeze for three seconds and release for three. You repeat this ten times. Everyday. I’ve been successful once.
  • Tip #10: Take orders from your pregnant partner. These orders include cleaning the cat’s toilet, raising heavy loads, more complex forms of cleaning the apartment, and pretending to be a human chair so that pregnant lady can sit down if she’s tired.
  • Tip #11: Keep the focus on your weight. Even though I do not carry a baby, I can quickly have the same eating habits as a pregnant woman. Certainly, it would not be advisable to gain another 20 kg and then move like a seal in the birth room.
  • Tip #12: Buy comfortable shoes. Because I will carry baby, cart and other heavy things, I also need comfortable shoes for easier moving children and objects.
  • Tip #13: Occasionally be indulged in pampering. There are enough ways of pampering yourself, everyone has his own favourite. The most helpful for me is football, good burgers and bedtime adventures. The order is not important.
  • Tip #14: Be informed. It is good to at least know where the maternity ward is when to go on a road. But anyway there will be panic on a birthday.

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