This is our son in 3D 4D technic

This is our son in 3D / 4D ultrasound

It’s true that our son will come in approximately three months, but why shouldn’t I and Nina see him today?

First ultrasound was an unforgettable journey. First, it was a 3D review of Nina’s stomach. But then we find out, that there is also 4D ultrasound and we couldn’t resist to also try that.

When Nina had her first ultrasound I was completely confused, but this time I wanted to be ready. For this 3D / 4D examine we decided because this is a unique opportunity, where you can with help of advanced technique see how your child look like when he or she is still inside his or her mummy.

In Slovenia, there are many clinics where they offer 3D / 4D ultrasound. We choose one from our capital city. Besides all good reviews, this clinic was also one of the cheapest and that was important information for a person like me.

On the way to clinic Nina and I hoped that our son won’t be too shy, so we’ll see many nice images of him.

When we arrived at the destination I was very excited. Chair on which they put Nina was familiar to me from a previous ultrasound check, also all machines and monitors. Let’s the show begin!

I instantly recognize the head and that was it. The next thing, which I should see was heart or is this a blinking eye?!
Of course, I didn’t say anything, I was just watching the screen and knowingly agree with what I saw.

Things get even more complicated when the doctor started the 4D examination. She was explaining where are the eyes, even though I thought I am watching belly button.
I also didn’t see his penis, regardless the doctor said that he is well endowed. Of course, I was very proud.

All time of examination I was reminding myself, that I need to look confident and well aware of what am I seeing, but of course I failed.

After half an hour of examination, we get all content (pictures and video images) on the USB drive. At home I studied all the material, so now I can explain everything like a pro to family members. Especially if they will ask, where is belly button, heart and penis.

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