Pregnancy records

Pregnancy records

Different records also appear during this period. Let’s look at the most interesting ones:

• In Russia, one woman gave birth to 69 children. There were also twins, triplets and quadruples in between. All this happened in the middle of the 18th century. Unfortunately, it’s not known whether they received a child benefit.

• The youngest mommy was five years old and she comes from Peru. At first, they thought that she was possessed by evil spirits. When her son was 10 years old they told him who his mom actually was.

• The oldest woman was 70 years old when she gave birth. Apparently, it’s never too late. Perhaps for a maternity leave.

• The most fertile mommy in the world is a surrogate who gave birth to twelve children in 13 years, she had triplets once in between. She loved her job so much that she didn’t have any problem at making babies almost like working on the production line in some factory.

• The smallest mom in the world measures only 71,12 cm. She has three kids. So, size isn’t important!

Hmm, where are some records that include fathers?

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