Poop - Training day

Poop – Training day

Because I’m such a good husband, I’m taking care of the cat’s toilet during the pregnancy. This is a double win for me.
Why is this a double win for me?

1. I get some bonus points if my wife isn’t exposed to the things that could cause her nausea. And I’m not talking about the points you can receive if you own a shopping centre loyalty card.

2. Training day! With cleaning this dirt every day I’m getting ready for the similar task in the close future. We feed the cats with dog food, various human treats and also cat food, and because of this, they can produce more than unpleasant odours and structures. Every time I encounter these “problems” I tell myself that this is a good thing and it’s a good training that will help me in the future. The disadvantage of this training is that even after the 108th consecutive cleansing of the cat’s toilet, I’m still not used to this horror. I’ll get used to it, right?!?

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