Poop time

Poop attack!

Babies are pooping, it’s a fact. Nina and I first experienced that a few days after we arrived from the maternity ward. The action started in the middle of the night, of course. My first thoughts when I woke up was: the baby is in the house and it’s pooping!

The good thing about newborn baby poop is that it’s yellow and gold. This provides good contrast and so is easy to spot poop on the baby’s feet, arms, changing table and walls.

Together we somehow managed to change Oskar’s diaper and he already decides for a new round. He wanted to show us how pooping in action looks like. It all comes with water effects (that means peeing). We also somehow won this battle and Oskar, beautifully washed went back to a peaceful sleep.

But a poop can quickly kick back!

Assault 1. So the baby is washed, coated and dressed when a new poop round is triggered. The defensive manoeuvre of young parents: undress, clean, dress. That procedure always took us half an hour while the poop is out in seconds.

Attack 2. The child is successfully placed in the baby carrier ready for a walk. I just grabbed the handle to take it towards the front door when some sort of revenge is triggered. The solution comes in a well-known sequence: undress, clean, dress. And we may have missed the meeting again.

How to win a poop attack?
It is good to wait for the burst to be fired three times before opening the diaper. Even though there is a water fountain that can surprise you every time.

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