Photo shooting of newborn

Photo shooting of newborn

When a child comes into the world, it is necessary to capture as many moments of his / her actions as possible. That is most easily achieved through photography.

One of my talents is also successful creating shaky photos that give a sense of movement. The quality of these pictures, of course, looks like I did them with a calculator.

Nina and I decided to give Oskar to a professional photographer who would be able to capture all his beauty. We picked one of the best Child photographers in Slovenia. That’s what reviews sad.

We first met our photographer to take some pictures in nature, at the stage when Oskar was still a swimmer in Nina’s belly. After a nice talk, Nina and I relaxed a bit so we weren’t as hard in the pictures as the trees in the background. We successfully passed our first photoshoot and we are already looking forward to the main photo session, where we will only be the observers and Oskar will be the main star.

14 days after Oskar was born, we went out on our first trip to photo studio. We were really surprised that the studio looks like a living room so you can feel like at home and take pictures as relaxed as possible. Oskar was also relaxed and therefore he was a really good model. Well, during the photo shooting he pooped on photographers hand.

However, in the end, we managed to make a lot of beautiful photos of Oscar in different positions. Most of the time he slept peacefully, while Nina and I were eating nuts in the background, wondering why he is not sleeping so peacefully at home.

Two days after the shooting was over, we received photos and I can tell our photographer certainly managed to capture unforgettable moments. If we are going to have another baby, we will surely let him do the same thing.

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