Parental rights at the birth of the baby

Parental rights at the birth of the baby

Even the title already looks pretty serious, so, what will the content be like? Are we going to get the first serious post? Given that we live in Slovenia, it will all probably turn out to be funny.

Financial aid at chilbirth

In the past, new parents usually received a package that was intended to buy equipment for the newborn baby. Of course this is too easy. Let’s complicate it!

Let’s have a look at who are the beneficiaries and what amount belongs to you.

The right to the financial aid is set at the 6th salary grade and is 64% of the average monthly income per family member. I got lost somewhere between these numbers and I will not even try to figure out how much it is.

There is also a possibility to assert the right to the financial aid at the time of childbirth. It is around 300 euros. Gross? Net? The number of family members? The storey you live in? I’ve read some articles on how to get the aid. I did not come far.

Parental leave

A big “happiness” in an accident is if a wife is unemployed and she can just forget about her leave. If she were employed and would like to assert various vacation options, she would probably need a counselor and a classic type of vacation to get the right for a maternity leave.

What about parental leave?

Supposedly I have 15 + 75 days. 15 days of paid and 75 days of unpaid. Up to this point, everything is clear. Let’s complicate this. I have to spend the first 15 days in the first half of the year after the birth of the baby, exceptionally up to one year. The second part, so 75 days until the third year of age. I also have to inform the Social Work Center about my intention and submit the birth certificate.

Probably this blog was a waste of mine and your time. Before we came to the end of this post, something has already probably changed. What you read so far is totally misleading.

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