Parental rights at the birth of the baby

Parental rights at the birth of the baby – part 2

Last time I wrote about Parental rights at the birth of the baby, but there is more about that topic!

Parental benefit

If you are not entitled to parental financial aid, you are entitled to a parental benefit. It belongs to you for one year. In principle, only the mother can claim the right, namely 77 days since the baby’s birth. The parental benefit is around 250 €. But here are additional mysteries which can take away the pleasure of getting this add-on. If you live in a domestic partnership then you must arrange a paternity recognition record at the SWC (Social Work Center) or administrative unit. The SWC decides about your rights, and the complaints are handled by the ministry in charge. Good luck!

Parental right to work part-time because of the parenthood

The right belongs to one of the parents. There are at least three peculiarities regarding the limitation of that right. You need more luck here. Here you are left to the mercy of your employer and, of course, the SWC.

Right to the payment of social security contributions for parenthood in the case of four or more children.

We’ll discuss this another time.

Right to the compensation while breastfeeding.

I think that they took me this right at the moment I was born.

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