When should a baby be photographed? Always! Leaving aside the fact that a new family member is anyway always in the spotlight. This attention also needs to be turned into eternal memory with as many photos as possible. In the era of mobile phones with powerful cameras, this is quite an easy task. Well, is it?

In the post Photo shooting of newborn, you could read how professional photography works. The result is pictures that we are happy to show to all acquaintances, as well as strangers, which of course is not the most advisable, but what if we can’t resist sharing our happiness with the whole world.

It is certainly one of the most desirable shots to catch a baby when he laughs. Usually, this wonderful moment comes when we do not have a phone ready, we are in a very dark place, or something else is happening that prevent us from capturing that moment.

But sometimes the conditions are ideal, the baby laughs, the battery on the cell phone is full and the fun can begin. Finally, for one captured smile we make 51 pictures. Of course, more than half of them are blurry, others have parts that do not belong to the star in the picture, and there are many where the banal thing disturbs us. When we look through all this collection, we find that only two, maybe three images are usable, but who cares. The baby will laugh again.

The next category is taking photos of Oskar with family members and friends. Here is a similar story to one above. In most of the pictures, the main focus is on the baby, so in the pictures, the carriers are often without the head, arms, legs, not to mention the blurred images.

Looking at the statistics of the pictures that were created with my cellphone alone, I can see that I made 172 pictures in the two months of Oskar’s existence. I took exactly 9 pictures of smiles, 3 crying moments in the rest of the pictures, it is difficult to see exactly what the child is thinking at any given moment. Maybe he will tell me when he’s a little older.

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