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I am not a real ninja, just a father and sometimes being a father is like being the ninja.

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Poop attack!

Babies are pooping, it’s a fact. Nina and I first experienced that a few days after we arrived from the maternity ward. The action started in the middle of the night, of course. My first thoughts when I woke up was: the baby is in the house and it’s pooping! The good thing about newborn […]

I cut the umbilical cord!

Yes, I became the proud dad of little Oskar! It all started on Sunday, July 24, 2016. 1:00 pm – Nina and I performs (apparently the last) pregnancy sexual act. 1:20 pm– Nini drains a little water in the bathroom, a little in the kitchen, a little in the living room. With my trembling hands, […]

Dads in Slovenia

Let’s look at the father’s situation in Slovenia. I summarized most of the information from the local newspaper. According to the Statistical Office, there are 500,000 fathers in Slovenia. 313,000 reside in a family with children, others live separately from their children. Less than 10% of fathers were present at childbirth in 1992. The trend […]

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