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I am not a real ninja, just a father and sometimes being a father is like being the ninja.

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Mission »gherkins«

Gherkins and pregnancy often go from hand to mouth. If you manage to reach them, of course … It was a dark Saturday morning. A wife, a pregnant wife, wanted a mango. Fortunately, we bought it yesterday and kept it close. The mango was less fortunate because it was already in the late stages of […]

Boy or a girl?

That’s what people keep on asking me. Well I’m curious too and both genders have their advantages. If it’ll be a boy … I’ll train with him and try to outplay him at soccer. If I don’t succeed in a few years, I think it’s pointless to deal with this sport. Together we’ll try to […]

Animal testing

My wife and I are proud owners of two cats, and because of that, I have a chance to practice cuddling with them. By doing so I’ve learned what is it like to hold and cuddle 3.5 kilograms of fur. Before my wife got pregnant, none of our animals wanted to cuddle, but with the […]

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