One month since I become a dad

One month since I become a dad

Oskar has already celebrated his first month of life. For all that time, I consider myself a winner because he has never fallen from my hands to the ground. I also successfully changed a pooped diaper for at least 10 times.

Let’s look at some other events that happened in the first month.

The most notable are the periods of “appropriate moments” that Oskar can perform the “most inappropriate” moments. When we are at the exit door to go out, he pooped. When I successfully feed him with a bottle, he puked on me. When he is tired and I put him in bed, he wakes up. When I change the diaper, he poops. Again and again. I guess pooping is very enjoyable for him.

But not to blame Oskar for everything, our cats are here too. When by some strange coincidence, Oskar sleeps in my lap, and I sleep, too, a cat comes in. Of course, I and Oskar both wake up. At night, with Oscar just falling asleep, the cat starts to run into the bedroom door, apparently wanting to see if Oskar is pooping.

Special training is also the thing that we do at night, I think her name is Sleep. Nina and I don’t need it much, just like most of other newly born parents.

We also need to get used to the phenomenon of invisibility. Wherever we come, we are just the extras, the assistant, the sherpas who are moving the baby through the world. But all of this is irrelevant as long as Oskar is healthy, happy, and with clean ass.

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