We already chose a name for our baby

We already chose a name for our baby

We already chose a name for our baby, but let it remain a secret for now. Nevertheless, I checked what names are popular this year just out of my unusuality. Maybe somebody gets a useful idea.

Sansa – fans of the Game of Thrones know who I’m talking about. If the name was Slovene, it could be Seansa (therapy).

Xzayvian – probably someone pressed some random letters on a keyboard and said this will be his kid’s name.

I’d like to try as well: Riowgwa. I think it’s better if we stick to the names we chose.

Audi – I admit that for a moment I thought about it, but because we own Kia, this name is out of the question.

Fifi Trixibelle – sounds like a breed, but this is actually the name of the daughter of Irish singer Bob Geldof.

Tu Morrow – maybe some ideas for Slovenian names: Slado Led (Ice Cream), Ana Nas (Pine Apple) or maybe Pika Pol Onca (Lady Bug).

Buddy Bear – it can be interesting for the first few years, but then it can become complicated. Do you imagine applying for a job as a beekeeper with this name?

Heavenly Hiraani Tiger Lily – you don’t exactly know if this is a male or female name. If somebody’s name is Buddy Bear, then you at least know.

Mustard M. Mustard – what are the odds that M stands for Mustard?

Summer Rain – always the same weather forecast. What happens when you wish that it’s mostly cloudy?

Kix – this is also a way to tell the child that he/she wasn’t planned.

And the winner is: Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116

This name parents proudly pronounce as Albin. Don’t believe it? Check on BBC news site.

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