Myths about pregnancy, part 2

Myths about pregnancy, part 2

Of course, there aren’t only three myths about pregnancy, so here’s another part of myths.

The previous post ended with bed activity, so it’s time to get to the climax.


At this point, it’s time you boys become alpha males and get your girlfriends to where it’s most beautiful. Experts don’t agree on the possibility of getting pregnant with an orgasm, but let’s look at both opinions:

  1. ┬áIn this short period, everything is merry inside of the woman’s body, and the womb should have an “open day” to happily receive your friends.
  2. Other experts disagree and they think that there is no connection.

I think it’s better to listen to the first experts who know what the pleasure is.

You should cough more!

Not to get pregnant but in order to get a cough syrup, which may prevent you from getting pregnant. Syrup (I’m not sure if every syrup) should contain a guaifenesin ingredient, which should be able to thin out the mucosa on the cervix. Homemade recipe: using a cough syrup should cause that the door to the womb are poorly closed and your “friends” will have an easy way to break, penetrate and win!


Given that you’ll be coughing it’s wise to drink tea as well. Only green tea should help because it has strong antioxidant properties and it should be able to prevent problems of reproductive organs.


Given all the theories, I don’t know what a woman should do and what a man should do. To sum up all, it seems to me that you won’t make the baby any easier, even if you’re going to do a “Tame the Stud” position on a trampoline while drinking tea and your wife will cough with her legs up.

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