Myths about pregnancy, part 1

Myths about pregnancy, part 1

For me, the topic of making babies is no longer current, but it’s still interesting. The matters described below are not scientifically proven, so don’t believe in everything you’ll read here and you might end up pregnant.

Legs up!

So, if you think that your wife holding her feet up is an easier way to make a baby then let’s check why this doesn’t help:

If you’re a healthy male, then you’ll let millions of your “friends” into your wife / girfriend, and even if your wife just goes to the kitchen to make some coffee after the action, your strong friends will nevertheless go on the path of creation. Of course, this doesn’t mean that she can immediately go on a trampoline after the intercourse, but the possibilities of increasing chances to get pregnant due to raised legs are unfortunately meagre.

Deeper positions

It might be true that if you perform one of the positions where your pride is closer to the cervix, the chances of getting pregnant are greater. In this case, your “friends” have a shorter path and will come straight to the door of the paradise more cheerfully, less tired and better prepared for the last battle.

Just a minor warning. If you decide to do advanced Kamasutra positions, think twice. It’s true that you may be a bit closer to the successful insemination, but if you’re not skilled to do the various positions, you probably don’t want to stay in a “Tame the Stud” position forever!


If you lube your tool that doesn’t mean your “friends” will swim faster. Neither salad nor motor oil can help.

Next time I will check some more myths obout pregnancy.

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