Mother-child relationship

Mother-child relationship and where is a place for dad?

Even after cutting the umbilical cord after birth, the mother and child remain strongly linked. In the case of the mother, the smell of the newborn’s head, skin and body imprinted in the mother’s brain. They say that the mother may be able to recognize her child in a plethora of children with a 90% accuracy.

I do not know whether I am capable of developing such a relationship. Given that my scent is quite limited, I may know that the child has a full diaper. But if on the basis of smell, I had to find out which one was mine, I would certainly bring a wrong kid out of the maternity ward.

When the child enters the world, the mother-child relationship is quite strong and fathers sometimes become jealous because they are placed on the side. I have written about this several times, and given the fact that the date of birth is slowly approaching, I can start preparing for living on the side. But I didn’t find any source or manual what to do there, all alone.

The mother-child relationship is also enhanced by breastfeeding. It is true that man has a lot of experience with part of the body where this process takes place, but even there we do not have access anymore. At least for a while because the child has already confirmed the reservation for several months.

However, there is hope. In this mother-child relationship, the child only initially releases incomprehensible sounds and is usually quite rough to the mother’s breasts. In such cases, in the relationship between a mother and a child, a man can also be useful, and by selecting the right words and tenderness we can show that we can also be a useful element in this relationship.

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