You’re probably wondering how it’s possible to include a monster into a blog about pregnancy. Oh yes, it’s possible, just keep on reading.

I’ve already mentioned something about the gadgets for pregnant women. However, there is one thing that isn’t as useful as the portable ultrasound device. I’m talking about sleeping pillow for pregnant women. Probably there’s another official name for it, but for me, this is a real and not such a little monster.

As you can see in the picture, the thing occupies almost half of the bed. A large part of the bed is also occupied by my wife and the baby. Where is a space for me? I think I’m a part of the endangered species, that will shortly sleep on the ground, the sofa is already somehow in the cat’s paws.

My wife got that thing from her friend and I think that they strengthened their relationship even more. And how can we strengthen our relationship if there’s this huge thing between us?

It’s true that it can be removed or at least moved away, but of course, my wife doesn’t want that. It’s much easier if I remove myself.

Greetings from the bed as long as I’m still able to report from it.

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