Mission Kids room

Mission: Kids room

And it started. The toolbox must be put somewhere else, this male corner will become a kids corner, the closet should go to the other side of the room …

Our apartment is too small for our son to have his own room. The first thing on the list is our bedroom, where we’ll need to make some room for an additional being.

I’ve already moved the night cabinets, cupboards and chairs around the bedroom to make everything look less crammed and ready for the new furniture. Somewhere in between the layout of room was that every morning I’d bump into the changing table or step into the son’s poop which could appear under the table. That’s why I moved things a little bit and the fourth version (currently) prevailed.

Nina has already made a loooooong list of the things we should buy. From the crib, changing table, and other wooden stuff.

Considering the volume of bedroom, I think that we’ll need a lot of hybrid furniture: a recliner, which could also be used as a changing table and a crib, at the same time it should also be a rocking chair and, preferably, a tub.

But we can give up our bed and set hammock under the ceiling. Supposedly we won’t sleep for the first couple of months, so why would we even need a bed then?

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