mission baby crib part 1

Mission baby crib – part. 1

Here we go. The child was on his way so we started the project of buying furniture for our son.

The plan was to buy baby crib/bed, changing table, breastfeeding chair, mattress, portable bathtub, night light, toys and blankets. Of course, we also need the pillow, sheets, some other blankets, feeding chair, that’s it. I think.

Nina made hole list which also included prices and that I liked the most because I was prepared for bankruptcy.

We went on a shopping journey with Nina and her mother because she has the biggest car in the family and that is very important if we want to put somewhere all the stuff from the shopping list.

We decided to go to one of the biggest furniture shops in neighbour country – Austria. They offered us everything from shopping list for around 230 €. This is not much regarding how many wood, plastic and furry stuff we will get.

Our shopping journey quickly becomes a winter expedition, because on the road there was snow everywhere and even worse, the tunnel, which leads us to the final destination was closed.

So, our journey ended before even really started. But that way my wallet stayed »full« of money for another couple of days and I was more than satisfied with that.

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