Mission baby crib

Mission baby crib – part. 2

If you read Mission baby crib part 1, you know it’s time for strike two.

Better weather conditions, wallet and it’s content – untouched and what is the most important, shopping list in not longer from last time.

And then we went. This time even earlier than last time if there will be any young mummy invasion in a shopping centre which can disturb us.

Shopping journey was this time more appropriate regarding weather conditions and also traffic was light. There is even more, we where one of the first people in the shop, so spending time can begin!

We were manoeuvring pretty fast between sections with only one focus – the children’s department.

When we found it, we were lost. So many stuff in different colours and shapes. What shall we do!

I was just pushing the trolley and ladies were collecting stuff from our shopping list.

After two hours we had not one, but three full trolleys! I felt a little bit sick. Because in front of us, there was a cashier. Luckily we only exceeded our budget for 30 €. I was very pleased.

But here comes the main problem. We had to pack all that stuff in the car. Well, we managed that, but there was not enough space for me.

Like a real ninja, I quizzed some were between back seats and trunk and stayed there all the driving to home. That was like two hours or something.

Because I am not a teenager anymore I quickly start getting cramps but not pregnancy one. Those are reserved for Nina.

Anyway, I survived that journey and on the same day, I build everything that we bought. Nina was very happy! The process of building one of the most important pieces you can see in the picture above.

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