Memory loss during pregnancy

In pregnancy is happening a lot of interesting things. One of them is also an issue with Nina’s memory, which is pretty unusual for her. Good point of this is, that she can see, how I feel because I have memory problems all the time, pregnancy or no pregnancy.

So let’s just go from theory to practice.

Two days ago Nina went to gymnastics for pregnant women. After approximately half an hour I got a filling, that there is unusual wind in our apartment. I checked the front door and they were wide open. Nina obviously didn’t lock the door, even more, she didn’t close them at all. The side effect of this »action« was that one of our cats went to the 6th floor, which is one floor below our apartment. Luckily I found the cat before it would found new owners.

Five days ago Nina picked me at my office. On the way home I was telling her what I was eating for lunch. After two songs finished on the radio, she asked me, what I was eating for lunch.

It’s also funny when we go shopping and we don’t have a shopping list. I usually get stuck at cereals department. I’m thinking if we even need a new pack of them and why am I always buying the same kind. In the meantime, Nina is wondering somewhere between vegetables and fruits looking for meat. Probably we look like someone who is in the shop for the first time.

Not long ago also happened that we didn’t know to which friends we are invited for dinner. We knew that we need to go somewhere, but where?! At first, I thought that only I don’t’ know. Carefully I asked Nina what she will dress for tonight and what she thinks we will eat. I was very happy when Nina looked at me very confused because I knew we were on the same »lost« page. I start researching where were we invited and then we saw on the calendar that the invitation is for next week.

If you are reading all of this you may get filling that we are a completely distracted and forgetful couple. Well, most of the time we function pretty normal. When yesterday we wanted … well, we wanted something but right now I can’t remember what

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