international women's day

March 8, International Women’s Day or any other day

For this year’s Women’s day, my wife has successfully upgraded her status. This year she is the wife and future mommy of her husband’s baby. It’s difficult to repeat this status twice without making a mistake.

I admire her how she’s capable to do all of this. A long journey awaits her, but she’s staying very responsible and relaxed. Look at me, I found myself in such a state where I even started to write a blog!

In this time before the baby’s birth, I have so many questions. Let’s have a look at the date in question, March 8. Should I give my wife flowers or a cake? If I bring her flowers, they may end on the menu. Pregnant women experiment with food, so why should flowers be safe? I can bring her a cake, but what if she craves for gherkins? I don’t want to repeat the gherkin affair!

From what I’ve written so far I can make a conclusion that for this March 8, my status also slightly changed. Previously, I was just a good husband (I hope so), but now I’m probably whatshouldIgiveafuturemother forWomensdayhusband.

If this is the last post you’ve seen, then it means something went wrong when choosing a gift.

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