In Italy, a 10.2 kg boy was born

In Italy, a 10.2 kg boy was born

It’s time for a new wreath of records from the world of pregnancy. You can read the most exciting of them in the blog post Pregnancy Records.

This time, I picked out some of the few notable records, but they are still remarkable.

The heaviest: In 1955, a woman from Italy gave birth to a 10.2 kg boy. Probably he went to kindergarten the next day.

The easiest: In 2004, a child was born who weighed 260 g. The girl came to the world at the 25th week of pregnancy. After five months, she was released from the hospital.

Most teeth: In 1990 a boy was born who had 12 teeth. The advantage is that he can skip the liquid food and immediately bite into a juicy steak.

Double double. In 2004 two pairs of identical twins were born. To one woman, of course.

Single Quadruple: In 2002, quadruplets were born. So from one egg and one male seed, there were four girls.

Frozen: In 2003 twins were born from seed which was frozen for 12 years. This could be a good advertisement for freezers: After twelve years your seed will still be useful!

Longest: Pregnancy lasted for one year and 10 days.

Conveyor belt: In 2004 in one minute, six children came into the world, from one woman.

Aha! So I found a male record! The oldest dad got his 21st child at the age of 90. Well done!

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