If the pregnant woman is happy, then the child is happy too

If the pregnant woman is happy, then the child is happy too

As the child is constantly connected to his mother, he also keeps track of what a mother does and how she feels. Maternal hormones are also transmitted through the placenta to the baby.

Hormone cortisone

If the pregnant woman is under stress, she produces the hormone cortisone. All these hormones also come to the child who shows this by becoming restless and his movement is irregular. From week 28 onwards, children could already make unhappy faces at such moments. That can only be seen on ultrasound. If the child is subject to constant stress, he may also be born with poorly developed brains. Stress, therefore, is not good at all, in pregnancy, it even presents double problems.

Hormone endorphin

If the pregnant woman experiences happy moments, the hormone endorphin is released, and then the child is happy too. The baby will then happily move and roll over the uterus. Of course, in the last weeks of pregnancy, this is not possible because the child simply has no room for various acrobatics. Also, the expression on a small face will be appropriate, but you will see it only if you have an advanced ultrasound device.

Development of senses

The development of infants’ senses during pregnancy is also interesting. The first responses to the touch should be shown around the 7th week of pregnancy. Of course, the baby is too small to show this to the outside world. At week 12 he starts to feel his hands, and at week 17 he has already developed skin sensations. Around this week is also developing a sense of balance and jumping over the umbilical cord. Between 18 and 25 weeks, he becomes aware of the loud sounds from the surroundings, therefore heavy metal concerts are not the best choice. During week 20 and 28, other senses like vision, smell and taste develop.

Developing feelings with dads

In fact, dad’s are developing likewise during pregnancy. Somewhere around the 7th week of pregnancy, we are not fully aware of the fact that the partner carries the child in her. In week 12 we already swing with our hands because we don’t know where we will put all the kid’s things. Around the 20th week, dad will pay attention to the movements in the pregnancy belly. From the 28th week onwards, our senses are more intense, as we are constantly watching over the pregnant partner.

Because we are also part of a pregnancy story, our well-trained eye can see the difference between a happy and stressful mood, just looking at the pregnant belly. This is water on the mill of future fathers because we can shoot straight: “Dear, what is bothering you?” or: “I see that my attention is making you happy.”

Of course, we have to be quite careful because we can quickly be wrong on a pregnant roulette. Three wrong answers and you’ll sleep on the couch tonight!

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