I hold it for the first time!

I hold it for the first time!

I’m talking about a baby, of course, but not about ours. Nina’s friend got a baby and it was also an excellent opportunity for me to see how a small, one-day-old child looks like. But let’s go slowly, step by step.

We went to the maternity hospital, where also our son will be born. So this was I nice practice before our d day comes. Let’s leave aside the fact that I’ve been driving around this maternity hospital for around 25 years.

After arriving at the hospital, everything looks OK. So with Nina, I was steadily stepping into the second floor, where Nina’s friend was resting with her baby girl. After the greetings and compliments, it was time for me and Nina to get a little girl in our arms. Nini was doing very well, and I was slowly feeling the heat because I knew that I would soon get some small and dear in my clumsy hands.

I sat down on the chair and waited hard like a statue. Fortunately, the little girl was sleeping, but nevertheless, I had my eyes fixed on her all the time so that she would not fall from my hands, as this usually happens when I am petting a cat at our home.

I was pretty much overwhelmed when a nurse came in and quickly and skillfully took Nina’s friend child. I was happy to have successfully held the baby. Well, soon a nurse gives the baby back to me. Again I had to act like I have everything under control and that the child’s carrying is a daily task for me.

In the end, it was a very nice experience that showed that I’m not even close to being ready for having a baby, but I still look forward to the day I can hold my son.

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