I hear voices

I hear voices

Ever since we found out that it’s a boy, there’s already a confusion and the baby wasn’t even born yet. My wife often talks to him, and I’m the one answering back.

I think that I heard my wife talking to someone quietly. At first, I thought she was talking on the phone, but the phone was next to me. Then I was worried if my wife might have any delusions and she started talking to herself. Of course, I was trying to be a supportive husband and I was responding back to her, although I mostly didn’t know what she was saying. She often said, “Where are you?” It seemed strange to me why is she asking me this, aren’t we in the same room?

Well, the truth is that she probably thought that there’s something wrong with me as well. She’s talking to the baby and I’m always answering back as if everything in this world is revolving around me.

This could be fun for an external observer, it would look like a place of murmurs.

Now I’ve realized that my wife is talking to the baby. But it still happens sometimes that she’s murmuring something, and I’m shouting out of the bathroom: “I can’t now, I’m pooping!”

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