I cut the umbilical cord

I cut the umbilical cord!

Yes, I became the proud dad of little Oskar! It all started on Sunday, July 24, 2016.

1:00 pm – Nina and I performs (apparently the last) pregnancy sexual act.

1:20 pm– Nini drains a little water in the bathroom, a little in the kitchen, a little in the living room. With my trembling hands, I call to the maternity ward to tell what is the situation.

1:30 pm – Nina drops some more water in the car and around the maternity ward.

1:44 pm – A midwife examines Nina and told us that she is 4 cm open. Contractions come about every 5 minutes. I get a bit pale.

What happened from 2 pm to 3 pm I do not know exactly because I am in a pre-birth trans.

3:10 pm – Nina is already comfortably positioned in the delivery room, though she spends most of her time in the hallway where she walks up and down. I’m just getting used to exploring the birth room, as well as going with Nina to massage her among the contractions that now appear every 1 minute.

3:15 pm – Nina is already on the birth bed, where the final chapter will start!. I try to be as helpful, but I also have to be careful not to lose consciousness, though there is simply no time for that.

4.00 pm – Lots of pushing, blood, cutting and Oscar is almost out!

4:22 pm – Oskar is crying for the first time, and Nina and I are also getting our eyes wet.

4:55 pm – I successfully perform my first umbilical cord cut.

7:20 pm – With Nina and Oscar we can be alone in the delivery room so we can cuddle in peace.

Everything went pretty quickly for the 1st birth. We were all very happy about that fact. I am also glad that I was present at all times so that I could follow this miracle and that I did not remain unconscious.

Here are some more technical data: Oskar is 51 cm large and weighs 3,580 grams.

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