How Father Ninja spends his day with six weeks old child

How Father Ninja spends his day with six weeks old child

It’s a fact that I don’t have tits to feed my baby. Nina always finds an elegant solution when Oskar is crying. She just hooks him to his favourite dairy. When she doesn’t know what to do with him, she invites him to the dairy for a little treatment. Where should I take him? Legoland is not interesting for him.

I get a challenge the other day. Nina went to her parents getting ready for her graduation, and Oskar and I were alone all day. What should we do? Well, our day looked something like this.

At 9 am Nina left and of course Oskar started to cry. Loud. I offered him milk, which, of course, is not as good as breast milk. I prepared it with love and I guess he noticed that. He happily emptied the whole bottle as if it was his last one.

All these cheerful fillings also triggered the desire for emptying, which means pooping. He decided to show me that he knew how to poop like a big boy. I also wanted to show him that I can change his diaper like an experienced dad. Well, still, the large amount of poop caused me a lot of difficulties and for a few moments, I felt like I was changing diaper for the first time. After only half an hour, I was completely exhausted and I hoped that Oscar was too. Unfortunately, I was mistaken, and he started to cry and expected entertainment. Let me mention again that it’s only been half-hour since Nina left.

I tried the only trick which I learned so far about entertaining a few weeks old babies. I was horse and Oskar was a rider. I carried him around the apartment on my back and meanwhile producing horse sounds. I even thought about singing, but just thinking about it, Oskar began to shiver.

Later we went for a walk. He finally calmed down on the fresh air. That air was also good for me so I could prepare for new challenges.

When we got home, the classic chores were waiting for me: feeding, changing diapers, crying, feeding, crying, changing diapers, feeding …

After a short marathon, Oskar calmed down again. Somehow I couldn’t believe it. I laid him to his crib, and when I grabbed the book, he woke up and the fun continues until Nina returned.

It was a fun day anyway, and I look forward to the next full day’s challenge to see if I learned anything from the first one.

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