How did I become a father

How did I become a father

How did I become a father

The main answer to this question is, of course, clear to all, but this time I will explain another definition, which is hidden under the term father.

The term father also refers to a man, a dad who has become somehow old-fashioned, slow at handling modern technology, and has a beer belly and other typical characteristics. I noticed the following “symptoms” at myself:

Although I am not a beer lover, lately my thoughts have often been connected to the beer. Of course, for the time being, I stay with sinful desires, but everything can quickly become a reality.

While doing the action in the restroom, I started reading magazines, books, and other reading, because otherwise I just can’t find the time.

While driving behind the car, I constantly binge and groan for drivers who have an inappropriate driving style for me.

Occasionally, I already read some politically themed news.
It bothers me if the TV is too loud, after all, my hearing is still working well.

Obviously, in the presence of my son, some curses have become too vulgar, so I use old-school curses as my granddad did.

All I have to do now is to find a universal handkerchief and the transformation will be complete.

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