From newborn to baby in three months

From newborn to the baby in three months

Yes, it’s been three months. Today our little boy rolled from back to back for the first time on his own, but let’s go step by step.

When I look at the first pictures when we brought him from the maternity ward, I realize how he has grown. He was barely noticeable in the first pictures because he was wrapped in various sheets and surrounded by a teddy bear family or family. But now he is all over.

For the past three months, he has been crying, pooping and doing other activities, while we were sitting down for coffee. So no peace for us, parents. But we understand the baby must perform his duties conscientiously and in accordance with his age.

His favourite dish is still milk, milk and sometimes milk of course. You could read the whole menu in a previous post.

Also, his “vocabulary” is changing. Our communication is thus constantly maintained at a high intellectual level.

He is also able to create different fountains. The saliva can spit all over, sometimes adding a little milk to it to make the fountain more colourful.

His favourite hobby is trolley riding, as evidenced by the already completely worn out and already successfully replaced wheels.

If we add all these activities to a stand-alone turn from the back to the side, then we get a really fun three-month package.

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