Food during pregnancy

Food during pregnancy and impact on a child’s IQ

Is it possible to improve a child’s IQ during pregnancy?

The short answer is yes. But let’s take a closer look at how this can be achieved.

For the pregnant woman, it is very important to have enough omega-3 fatty in the last trimester of pregnancy. This can have a positive effect on the child’s intelligence, and it also reduces the occurrence of neurological diseases.

So the pregnant woman should eat salmon, mackerel, sardines, oysters, eggs, milk and some dairy products. Also, chia seeds, hemp, and linseed oil as well. Perhaps it is good to mention that she doesn’t need to eat all this food at once.

L-carnitine also has a positive effect on health and a child’s intelligence. It develops in the liver and kidneys and travels through the blood-brain barrier directly into the brain, which improves their functioning and protects them. It is recommended that the pregnant woman encroach on beef, poultry, cheese and milk, where L-carnitine is most present.

We have not finished yet. Also important is iodine, produced in the thyroid gland. It stimulates the formation of hormones involved in the development of the brain. Many studies have found that those children who are living in areas rich with natural iodine are more intelligent. Well, you probably can’t find out if you live in such a place. Anyway, additional iodine can be provided by ingesting cranberries, dairy products and dried sea algae.

Finally, we also need to mention iron. Lack of it, during the pregnancy, can cause learning disorders and memory problems in the child. Iron deficiency can be successfully replaced by the bovine liver, beef, red beans, black chocolate and eggs.

If your partner is experimenting with food during pregnancy, your child may also be more intelligent, so just encourage her to diverse feeding.

More about this topic you can read in this WebMD article.

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