First day with a new boss

First day with a new boss

After giving birth, I was a king in our apartment for 2 days, and cats were my vassals. However, I know that my kingdom will soon be doomed at least for the next 15 years.

When I learned that Nina and Oskar would arrive one day before the plan, the real action had begun. It was necessary to clean and decorate the apartment, but I still did not know how to properly install the shell in the car.

Nina’s mother and I went to the maternity ward. After getting some practical tips under the supervision of experts, it was time to leave the maternity ward. It was like moving around with various gifts and baby equipment. The most important load, Oskar, however, was still not successfully installed in the shell. A nurse came to the rescue and successfully placed the baby in the shell. We were ready for a great journey to the other end of our city.

After driving, Oskar was pretty tired so we just put him in his crib at home. Nina and I then looked at each other for a while and walked around the apartment without any specific goal.

After a few quiet hours, Oskar woke. Somehow we found out he was probably hungry. Nina bound him to the breast, and I made a milk substitute in the kitchen if the baby wanted more of his mother’s milk than his mother can produce.

Next goal was to keep Oskar happy and cry free. Unfortunately in the real world is not like watching TV or watching a trained nurse. Well, removing the existing diaper was not difficult because it was only wet. Installing a new one is another story though. Where is the front, where is the back, how to tighten it so that it doesn’t explode all over you? There were almost endless questions for us. Before we were able to successfully roll him over, the boy was already hungry again. When he was full, we all fell into bed.

Within two hours the action resumed. We survived the first night.

At the moment, Oskar is only wearing easy-to-wear clothes because everything else is too complicated for us. We are already quite good at carrying our baby, as he has never fallen from our hands.

With all this action, we must not forget our cats. The current plan is that when Nina feeds Oskar, I feed and cuddle the cats. Our family members were also very helpful, without them we would probably look like we had escaped from a cave.

On day 2, pooped diapers came to the program. How all went is outlined in the next post. Fun Guaranteed!

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