Fathers also strengthen the mother's brain

Fathers also strengthen the mother’s brain

A fairly sensitive topic, so I have to carefully choose words. But to make the matter clear, I hope that you first read my previous post that we can now proceed to a higher level.

The question was therefore whether men can influence women’s brain during pregnancy. The answer to the joy of all men is: YES!

The research was done on mice, but this should not give rise to any doubts. Scientists have found that male pheromones come through the air to the female nose to pass them prolactin. This accelerates the growth of her brain circuits. So, the male transfer to female prolactin, which accelerates the growth of brain circuits. I deliberately wrote this twice, that we all know how men are important for women, even during pregnancy.

Another very important discovery for me. So far, I thought that men just give up their seed and wait for a little miracle. Now I know that when the prolactin bursts into Nina, the more the brain circuits grow in her.

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