Delivery room preparations

Delivery room preparations

I know I’m rushing a bit. My wife Nina is “only” 25 weeks pregnant, but I’m already thinking about curtains in a delivery room. I also have a vision of how other things in the room might look like.

Of course, the most important thing is that my wife will feel comfortable. It should be so comfortable that in the future she will be happy to return to that room and give birth to another baby.

When I think of a perfect room, I think of the luxury hotel where you have all the necessary and unnecessary things in the room. The same goes for pregnant women. But given the financial abilities, the basic delivery room will suffice.

It’s important that I create a warm space there (which won’t be difficult, given that Nina will give birth in the middle of summer). Lighting in the room must be similar to the lighting in the club so that my pale and concerned face won’t be seen.

Considering the various types of childbirth, it’s important that there are many different types of furniture in the room and a lot of other accessories as well. Not only will Nina be able to choose a variety of positions, but I could also use something like a footstool or a ball.

Curtains must match the bedding because it’s not good to shift the attention from a suffering pregnant woman.

When I think of all these (my) requirements, it may be best to give birth at home. But that’s another story.

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