Dairy restaurant

Dairy restaurant

Ever since we have a baby, I have also improved my cooking skills. I make true gourmet experiences for my prince. I can cook him (when I’m not at work) breakfast, early brunch, late brunch, before lunch, lunch, early afternoon brunch, late afternoon brunch, before dinner, dinner, during dinner, after dinner, midnight meal, 2nd-night menu, 3rd-night menu and before breakfast. And what is on all those menus?

I will only highlight the main meals:
    • breakfast – milk on a milk cot,
    • brunch – milk in the embrace of water heated to 40 ° C,
    • lunch – mixed milk with added milk,
    • afternoon snack – finely heated milk in a clear bottle,
    • dinner – steak in the natural sauce without steak with milk,
    • midnight meal – milk symphony with a touch of fresh air.

If one of these dishes does not smell good to him, he also has a self-service buffet Left boob and its other branch Right boob.

Bon Appetit, or as Oscar would say, “aaghh.”

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