Daddy's morning sicknes

Daddy’s morning sickness

When we started talking about an idea of having a baby, everything started moving to this direction. We looked for some ovulation tests, different sorts of gherkins (for me, not for my wife) and of course a car (caravan). Even a dad must have something bigger during and after the pregnancy. I’m not talking about the cone, because that fairy tale already ended.

When the topic about pregnancy was put on a side track the movie scene followed …

One day I came home from a soccer match. My wife looked very surprised. I asked her if she wants to know if I managed to score a goal, but then I gathered my thoughts and the nausea started overtaking me.

She showed me a way to the bathroom and there it was. On a shelf there was a pregnancy test even with some drops of pee on it and it was filled with the lines.
Because of a big surprise that there is something going on with my wife’s body the second nausea overtook me (and I’m not even pregnant!). Afterwards a lot of hugs, screaming and kissing followed, it was just like in a movie.

And because I was exhausted from a soccer match the third nausea followed.

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