Dad during the pregnancy

Dad during the pregnancy

Even dads have to deal with nausea as well, which happened in my case. But there are other symptoms that can cause a future dad to think that he’s going to be a mom. Let’s have a look at the 6 most common symptoms. You might be a mom if you have at least four of them.

Since this isn’t some kind of a professional blog I’ll mostly use homemade expressions without complicating too much. Well, the current status is already complex enough.

  1. Pregnant nervousness. Are you awake at night, do you have an inconstant heartbeat and fever, even though it’s winter outside? The reason for all this can be anything, but becoming a dad can cause this too. Just tell your wife how you feel and you may share symptoms and become even more connected. However, don’t worry, your water won’t break.
  2. Nausea. I know I’ve already written a whole post about it but here’s just a tip on how to beat it. Be more active and you’ll forget about the whole “morning sickness” stuff. You’ll be too tired from being physically active. It also helps if you drink less alcohol.
  3. Mood swings. It’s ideal if your mood is completely different from the mood of your wife. If you’re completely irritated and your wife is in a zen mood she’ll know how to calm you down. But if it’s the other way around, you have the opportunity to be a shiny example of a husband and you can prove that you know how to handle tense moments.
  4. Changes in a sexual appetite. Of course, us men are always for action but if you’re suddenly suffering from all of the above symptoms the evening action can change into a still image. But don’t worry tomorrow is a new day and maybe some symptoms will disappear and you’ll be able to show your wife that you’re an alpha male. Well, you’ll have a chance to show that you’re at least a male.
  5. Gaining weight. If you wish to compete with your wife in who can prepare the most bizarre meal and eats it, then you’re on the right track being asked in which month you are from the people at the mall. Perhaps that’s the reason why you’re suffering from nausea.
  6. Pain in the back, legs, heads … A look at the weight your wife carries around can make you feel the pain in the lower back as well even if you’re perfectly fit. Scientifically is not yet proven, but apparently, a loving husband somehow shares the pain with his wife and with that he shows her support.

My way of showing how I sympathize with my wife in these weeks and months is that I also like to complain about how sick I feel and that I’m in pain, and in the evening I’m eating chocolate and hot peppers. But I’m not quite sure if she gets it. The result will be that at the end she’ll give birth to our baby but I’m not sure how I’ll be able to find an excuse for all of these symptoms.

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