Chat with a two months old baby

Chat with a two months old baby

For the first two months, Oskar told us with his purple face that he was producing sludge and by swallowing his lever that he was hungry. For the past few days, Nina and I have been very excited since the baby started communicating with us with his first ”words”.

Let’s take a look at Oskar’s first vocabulary, in random order:

Egggh – this is his first word in English (You must know that we are from Slovenia)! He probably wants to let us know that he has enough milk and it’s time for eggs.

Geey – maybe a silent “r” is hiding here somewhere and he wants to tell us, see I already know my first colour.

Hegh – maybe it’s an abbreviation of some secret organization we don’t know.

Ummm – he will be a great mind, that is what is he telling us with that

Jeahmm – for that word, neither does Google find explanations.

Of course, we are excited about his ”vocabulary” and regularly repeat his words. I wonder how they will look at me at work when I accidentally start talking to myself as a baby.

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