Changing habits - outside

Changing habits – outside

Quite soon our family will expand and with that, some changes will come, not just in our lives but also in our habits. This’ll happen way before our child will be born. Also, everything else changes and don’t forget that in the beginning, our closet was full of pregnancy tests.

The first big, subconscious change I noticed was the last time I went to the store. Instead of watching bananas, salami and sausages, my gaze stopped at diapers. I grabbed that strange package and watched it with ignorance as I was holding it. Is this even suitable for a small baby, a girl, a boy, or are these diapers for older people? Before anyone noticed me, I put the diapers back in its place and went to buy some sausages.

I also have problems with stores for children’s clothing, cause I can’t find a section with clothes in the shape of animals. Perhaps it’s time for a new business idea or am I the only parent who wants to dress his child like the whole zoo?

I have already checked out some baby carts. I found my favorite, I told my wife about it and said that I’d like to have the same one, but then the price won and I didn’t get it.
At the toy stores I feel like I’m at home, but unfortunately, we don’t often go there.

There’s another place where the change of habits was very much present. At the library. At our library in Kranj, I usually search for books that are related to my personal interests. But the last time I went there, I was spotted in the psychology section, between the shelves full of books about the pregnancy.

Also, habits at our home changed, but you can read more about that in my next post.

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