Changing habits - at home

Changing habits – at home

I’ll continue on from where I finished the last time – with books.

At the library, I borrowed a bunch of books about the pregnancy and now they’re laying around all over the apartment. If some random stranger would end up at our place he would quite quickly get an idea what we’re expecting.

Currently, we’re only debating about other habits. Especially about that together with the cats, there will be five of us. The biggest territorial battles may take place on the couch. There’s already a problem since 2 little “kittens” occupy 88% of the sofa, 10% belongs to us, and the other 2% belongs to the hairs from our cats. When the baby is born, he will be the center of the world and with that, at least 50% of the couch will belong to him, the other 50% will be a problem.

My web browsing habits have changed. If someone would alienate my computer he would think that I’m a young mommy in anticipation.

I’ve already written something about changing eating habits. I want to support my wife and that’s why we’re trying out different exotic food combinations which even our cats won’t smell or touch.

Sleeping is the only habit I’ll not abandon until the baby is born. Actually, I’ll try to work on sleeping one-third of my life and that’s it.

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