Types of childbirth

We still have some time until birth, but the debate on this subject has already begun. I was completely fascinated by the fact that there are many different ways to give birth. Let’s take a look at the position of a male at different types of childbirth. Normal childbirth – lying down:This is a classic […]

Intergalactic travel

Technology is expanding, including in the field of monitoring the development of the baby while he’s still in the abdomen. Our mothers and grandmothers didn’t know the gender of the baby until birth, but nowadays it’s possible to figure out the gender somewhere around the 20th week of pregnancy. The 20th week is approaching very […]

What’s on TV tonight?

I’ve already written about the changes in our habits, but the TV program requires a special treatment. The baby has to the main character on the show when you’re pregnant. We often watched crime TV series, movies and other things that kept tension to the end. Two to three times per week I also managed […]

Changing habits – at home

I’ll continue on from where I finished the last time – with books. At the library, I borrowed a bunch of books about the pregnancy and now they’re laying around all over the apartment. If some random stranger would end up at our place he would quite quickly get an idea what we’re expecting. Currently, […]

Changing habits – outside

Quite soon our family will expand and with that, some changes will come, not just in our lives but also in our habits. This’ll happen way before our child will be born. Also, everything else changes and don’t forget that in the beginning, our closet was full of pregnancy tests. The first big, subconscious change […]

From husband to father

With these 14 steps you can change your life status: 1. You start thinking about an idea of adding a new family member. If everything goes as it should then this is a fun task to do. – DONE. 2. When the wife gets pregnant, you need to give up your bad habits. Even the […]

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