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Boy or a girl?

That’s what people keep on asking me. Well I’m curious too and both genders have their advantages.

If it’ll be a boy …

I’ll train with him and try to outplay him at soccer. If I don’t succeed in a few years, I think it’s pointless to deal with this sport.
Together we’ll try to figure out how to use certain tools and how it hurts if you’re clumsy when working with them.
I’ll be able to play with Lego bricks again without feeling guilty.

If it’ll be a girl …

I’ll be able to dress up Barbie dolls. Given that I haven’t dressed up any girl in my life, this could be quite interesting.
Braids, ponytails, hair bows – the time when I’ll be able show my manual dexterity.
I’ll be the one who will give orders to the female sex.
I’m not sure if dad should take his daughter to the men’s or women’s restroom?

One thing is certain. It doesn’t matter if it’ll be a boy or a girl, on my watch he/she will wear an animal onesie!

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