Back to school

Back to school!

And it started! I can go back to school again, although I was a bit disappointed at the first appointment because I didn’t need a notebook, colour pens and slippers.

In a health centre where we have school for parents, a real small invasion of pregnant women has come, mostly accompanied by future fathers. At the first visit, there were about 15 mothers + around 10 fathers + at least 15 children. At this point, I could raise the question: »How many legs they have together?« or something like that.

When we comfortably seat, our mentor made a brief introduction where we found out how many times we had to come to properly complete our education and what we will learn until the end.

Of course, I was the most excited about the practical work, but only the theory awaited us at the first lecture. I was surprised, how much I already know, what is contributing to writing a blog. From the first lecture, I remembered only that a baby can be born anytime after the 37th week of pregnancy and in most cases, the child will be fully developed.

Of course, then the question prompted me immediately, why woman don’t give birth then when the child is still a little smaller and would probably go out easier?

I remembered another important piece of information. During the delivery of a baby, I had to say early enough that I will fall into unconsciousness so the hospital staff will be ready for another patient.

So the first visit was over. Five more to go. If I fall into unconsciousness on some of those visits, I will inform you.

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