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Baby cart on a lease

When I first started reading the description of “a vehicle” in the catalogue, I first thought that I’m buying a car. I quote: “… a new cart for off-road driving, easy and convenient to use. Fully equipped modular system … “

The other characteristics of the cart are all admirable: technologically advanced chassis, sports seat with warm coating for feet and rain cover, bag for accessories with a mat for changing diapers, wide-profile wheels, ergonomically designed push handle, adjustable height …

Price over 680 €.

So, if I take a lease for 2 years, the installment comes around 30 euros per month. This is possible. Otherwise, the cart will be quite weary and not in fashion after two years, just like a car that’s old before you pay off your debt, but it’s really hard to say no to the broad-wheeled carts.

All jokes aside, I want to leave this cart for some other lucky daddy. I think that I don’t need such a high-tech cart. With my not so explosive speed, which is approx. 3 km / h, I think that I’ll be able to drive the baby in some kind of a regular cart. It’s important that it’s not in pink color.

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